Oncology Hub



To become a beacon multidisciplinary oncology research group 





To facilitate translation and clinical research to improve the care of the Negev population.


To maximise the cancer research capabilities by providing  financial and technical support.


To enhance cutting-edge cancer research at BGU and SMC




Animal protocol

Interested in getting an example for animal protocols for cancer research


Please send an email to: 


Collaboration with the BioBanking enable researchers to collect tumor samples.


For Helsinki protocols and further information please contact:

Yael -



Clinical Collaborations

Pathological analysis

Dr. Irit Allon

Barzilai Medical Hospital


Clinical collaborations and clinical samples

Breast Cancer - Dina Lev -

Pancreas and colon - Itzhak Avital - and Abu Freha-

Head and neck and Thyroid -  Ben-Zion Joshua -

Blood Cancer -Ory Rouvio - 

Skin - Kriger

Blood Bank- Oleg Pikovsky-

Brain cancers- Tehila -

Gynecologic Oncology - Mihai, and Amit Meir

Urine and kidny - Keren Rabinovich

Pediatric Hematology -

Research Expertise


Drug development  - Niv Papo -, David Stepansky 

Drug Delivery - Ayelet David -, Yossi Kost

Bioinformatics -  Eitan Robin -

Single cell sequencing - Esti Yeger Lotem and Tal Shay  -


Biosensors - Hadar Ben Yoav - 

Exosomes -  Tomer Cooks,  Elie Beit-Yannai, Nir Peled

RNA splicing - Tal Shay and Roi Gazit

Stem cells - Roi Gazit and Itzhak Avital

Cancer signling - Etta Livneh, Moshe Elkabets, Misha Dlinko

Check-point blockers - Moshe Elkabets and Ronnie Apte

CAR-T cells - Angel Porgator and Roi Gazit

Familial Cancer - Ruti Parvari

Autophagy - Assaf Rudich

Cancer Evolution -  Bart Kotler

Long no-coding RNA - Barak Rotblat

RNA Translation - Barak Rotblat

Preclinical model - and murine cancer models - Roi Gazit and Moshe Elkabets 

Natural product - Jacob Gopas

Tumor immunology - Ronnie Apte, Angel Porgador, Moshe Elkabets, Elena Voronov and Roi Gazit 

Protein engineering  - Niv Papo


Mitochondria - Varda Shusan Barmatz


RNAi - Isana Veksler Lubinsky 

Telomerase and topoisomeases - Ester Priel

Hub Members 

Jacob Gopas -

Etta Livneh -

Roi Gazit -

Eithan Rubin -

Esti Yeger Lotem-

Ronnie Apte -

Angel Porgador -

Ruti Parvari -

Ayelet David -

Alex Rabinovich -

Elie Beit-Yannai -

Ruthie Bechor -

Barak Rotblat -

Niv Papo -

Yosef Kost - 

Michi Meirovich -

Ben-Zion Joshua -

Irit Allon - 

Ory Rouvio

Assaf Rudich -

Varda Shushan Barmatz -

Itzhak Avital -  

Shimon Ben-Shabat -

Uti Netz - urinetz@gmail. com

Ester Priel -

Nir Peleg - drnp@012. net. il

Laila C. Roisman  -

Merav Fraenkel -

Noa Hazut -

Tehila Kaisman -

Uri Yoel -

Julio Lozanocetina -

Uri Grenbouim -

Isana Veksler-Lublinsky -

Amit  Meir -

Abu Freha  -

Yosef Kost -

Tal Shay -

Hadar Ben-Yoav -

Kreiger -

Elena Vornov -

Misha Danilenko -

Bert Kotler -

Dina Lev -

Keren Robinzon -

David Stepansky -

Oled Pikovsky - 

Alex Braiman -

Victor Novak -

Ehud -

Elena Voronov -

Tomer Cooks -

Guy Bek -

Hub Secretary - 

Haya Sarusi -


Ora Horovitz -

Lior Carmon -  ;

Galit Mazooz-Perlmuter -

Anat Avni- 


Yael -

Hub Coordinators

Moshe Elkabets -

Itzhak Avital - 



Year Established










Lung cancer

Angel Porgador

Nir Peled

Varda Shushan-Barmatz

Tomer Cooks


Head and neck, Esophagus, thyroid, and skin cancers

Ben-Zion Joshua

Moshe Elkabets 

Uri Yoel

Merav Frenkel


Ruti Parvari

Liquid cancers

Roi Gazit

Oleg Pikovsky

Jacob Gopas

Misha Dnilenko

Ory Rouvio

Guy Bek


Brain cancer

Barak Rotblat 

Tehila Kaisman

Varda Shushan-Barmatz

GI cancers

Ronnie Apte

Elena Voronov

Itzhak Avital

Tomer Cooks

Uri Netz


Breast and Gyn cancers


Etta Livneh

Ronnie Apte

Ester Priel

Dina Lev

Alex Rabinovich

Niv Papo

Ayelet David

Alex Briaman

Elena Voronov


Advice expert for patent and commercial product 

Project development - Lior Carmon

Commercial - Galit Mazooz Perlmuter and Ora Horovitz




For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 0532323987 or fill out the following form

Head Office

Faculty of Health Science 

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev


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